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The fascinating aspect of an historical company is the culture of work,

respect for the skills of others and the cure of doing.

All values that have been passed from father to son.

A story that has its roots in the past century and to today.

We are the moral and spiritual heirs of this story.

Riviera Cashmere originates from many years of experience in Filtes, founded in 1922,

and is the result of our passion for accessories on exclusively made in Italy

from high quality cashmere.


We select the best raw material produced by the Capra Hircus

at the edge of the Gobi desert in asia.

The yarn, its dyeing, design, production, they are all made in Italy,

as a guarantee of respect for the environment

and the research for the highest quality.


In order to anticipate the trends we need to be humble

enough to learn every day how to face the changes.



Accessories and Sweaters

Natural Fiber Knitwear