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Riviera Cashmere projects, specialised in the creation of high-end knitwear and fashion accessories.
After 25 years of experience in the family yarns company, Filtes Sas, Gian Piero Rosina,
in agreement with his brother Alberto, considers the opportunity to spin off the company for logistical reasons:
his brother Alberto thus continues in the business started almost one hundred years ago by his grandfather Onorato,
while Gian Piero founds Riviera Cashmere, to which he transfers the brand and the skills acquired over the years.
Riviera Cashmere specialises in high-end accessories made of cashmere, exclusively Made in Italy.
It is difficult, on visiting the premises, to remain indifferent to the softness, lightness and colours of the garments
ordered on the various shelves, and it is virtually impossible to resist the temptation to caress them.
"Cashmere, or kashmir," explains Gian Piero Rosina, "is one of the most popular textile fibres
for the creation of knitwear and accessories for winter.
Garments made from this yarn, no matter how simple the pattern or neutral the colour,
always stand out for their class and elegance’.
Riviera Cashmere follows the entire production cycle of its accessories, from the purchase of the raw material to the packaging.
"The cashmere goats (hircus falconeri) live in the mountainous regions of Central Asia, up to an altitude of 5,000 metres,
from each goat about 150 grams per year are obtained.
The finest cashmere in the world,’ Gian Piero Rosina points out, ’is "China white cashmere", which comes from Inner Mongolia,
while the more widespread "brown cashmere" is produced in Outer Mongolia.
For the production of our garments, we start with the selection of the ’staple’, a wad of wool as a ’sample’ of the proposed supply.
Once in Italy, the raw material undergoes the spinning and dyeing process in specialised laboratories in the Biella area;
finally, the resulting yarn, wound in spools, arrives at the company, ready to be transformed,
according to our models, into scarves, capes, hats, gloves and pullovers’.
All strictly Made in Italy, hence, and for most of the accessories even Made in Liguria.
" Riviera Cashmere,’ adds Gian Piero, ’creates fashion lines
and also develops samples on design for important Italian, English, Japanese, Russian, French and American brands.
Each season we choose the trendiest designs and shades to offer accessories in pure cashmere,
in cashmere and silk or in modal and cashmere, perfectly matching the garments of the moment.
Every year we process 6,000 kg of cashmere, in a multitude of colours,
from classic and natural to the brightest and trendiest.
Almost all of Riviera Cashmere ’s accessories lend to being ’customised’ to become valuable
and exclusive tokens of appreciation or promotional tools for companies, luxury hotels, and nautical charter companies.
"Our goal," adds Rosina, "is to expand and diversify our clientele,
not limiting ourselves to selling to shops, but finding alternative openings.
For a hotel on the Amalfi Coast, for example, we are making lightweight shawls,
printed with floral motifs representing the typical nature of the area,
which can be worn by the ladies guests to shelter from the evening breeze’.
Despite being a small company, for Riviera Cashmere
the continuous search for quality is a primary objective,’ Gian Piero Rosina concludes,
’while remaining firmly rooted in our territory.

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